Hey guys!

My name is Stephanie Cutler, and this is my blog Hometown Passport.

Stephanie Cutler Kody Diane SeniorsAs an 18 year-old raised in Austin, Texas, I’ve had the pleasure of stumbling upon the most magical people and places, but I’ve also had the privilege to travel around the world since I was young. From Rome and Beijing to New York and San Francisco, my experiences have ranged from the superficially ordinary to the absolutely extraordinary.  I’m a Blue Devil, part of Duke University’s Class of 2021, with dreams of working internationally in law, economics, human rights, or government… there’s too many things that I want to do! Aside from my studies, I’ve found passions in fashion, photography, travel, helping others, and living life as happily as possible. By happenstance, I found friends that encouraged me to start this blog, to transcribe and share my experiences with the world. I know the power of words and pixels to spark an idea, a desire, or a smile, and I’d like to be a part of this wildfire.

Hometown Passport is a blog dedicated to discovery: from advice on studies and college to travel and fashion guides and everything in between.  It can help you be a tourist in your own town, find peace with the unfamiliar, and feel confident as you step outside your comfort zone.
I hope you all enjoy following along as my journey continues!

With love, Stephanie



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