Baseball is a classic American pastime – there’s something about a beautifully manicured field, fresh dirt, and the atmosphere of the crowd that sets it apart from all other sports. I played softball for six years, and going to baseball games brings me back to the excitement in the dugout and anticipation before a pitch. I’ve seen a few Major League baseball games, but the LA Dodgers game versus the Cincinnati Reds has been by far the most exciting one yet.


LA Dodger gameLA fingerDodger Stadium


The day kicked off with the Dodger baseball game. We arrived very early, hoping to beat traffic, and we definitely succeeded at that. We walked around the stadium, watched the players warm up, and enjoyed a Dodger Dog as we waited for the game to start. At first I was going to have some nachos, but they ended up being fake chips and queso. I’m pretty sure the cheese wasn’t real – you could’ve found better ready-made nachos at your grocery store. Thankfully the Dodger Dog was pretty good because all hot dogs taste best at baseball games.

This game truly was the most exciting one I’ve ever witnessed. It was a high scoring game with 8 home runs! The real craziness came in the bottom of the eighth inning when the Dodgers were down 7-4. First, Hernandez fouled off about 10 pitches before getting walked. Chase Utley then got walked to first, bringing in one run and making the bases loaded again. At this point, the crowd was on their feet, and the energy was through the roof. Finally Corey Seager comes up, and on the first pitch hits a grand slam, winning the game 9-7. It was spectacular to see.


The Griffith Observatory is pretty breathtaking. We wanted to get there at sunset, so we left a bit later. We arrived at Griffith Park with plenty of time to spare; I did not however expect such terrible traffic to get to the top. We parked towards the bottom and took a DASH bus to the top.  Buses were infrequent, most people had to stand, and the bus got stuck in a long line of cars trying to reach the top. It took about 30 minutes, including waiting in line and the bus ride, to reach the actual observatory, so make sure to allot more time to the Griffith Observatory than you’d expect, especially during busy hours.

Despite the hinder-some shuttle ride, the view from the observatory was worth it. With a clear view of the Hollywood sign and sweeping sight of the LA cityscape, the Griffith Observatory should be on everyone’s LA Bucket List.

Griffith ObservatoryIMG_2500IMG_2511IMG_2514IMG_2515IMG_2537IMG_2547IMG_2554IMG_2555

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