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China: Beijing and Xi’an

This past winter break, my mother, brother and I traveled to China to visit my grandparents. The last time we made the voyage to China, I had just finished 6th grade, and the last time I visited my grandparents, I had just finished my freshman year of high school. It was a trip long overdue. We decided to split our trip in half, spending … Read More China: Beijing and Xi’an


A Senior Trip: Costa Rica

Summer ’17 was one that I’ll always remember, full of good times with good people, and when I think back to my favorite part, I think of Costa Rica with my best friends. Costa Rica was incredibly beautiful, so tropical and relatively untouched. We landed in Liberia after a 3 1/2 hour flight, but had another hour drive to the western coast. This proved … Read More A Senior Trip: Costa Rica


Italy: Rome

Hey now! Hey now! This is what dreeeams are made of! Lizzie McGuire was definitely talking about Rome. My last visit to Italy was 14 years ago, and all I have is fragmented memories in a stroller sitting outside the Colosseum, eating ice cream by the Tower of Pisa, and sailing through the canals of Venice. I was pumped to be back and exploring … Read More Italy: Rome


Greece: Athens

Athens, known throughout western history as the center of the arts and thinking, as the birthplace of democracy. I didn’t have huge expectations of Athens, knowing the financial state of Greece and that it’ll be a big tourism city, but I liked it more than I thought! As I drove around the city, it was a bit disheartening to see the buildings, hundreds of … Read More Greece: Athens


Greece: Mykonos

Of all the places I visited in Greece, Mykonos was by far my favorite. White houses are in abundance, and each area is as picturesque as Santorini. There is actually a law in Mykonos that any new houses must be white or may be stone as long as the stone comes naturally from the island. Walking through the town, I became happily lost along … Read More Greece: Mykonos


Greece: Santorini

There is no place quite like the Mediterranean. What’s so special about it? The cliff sides that occupy the multitudes of islands only inhabited by a few goats and donkeys. The Tuscan sun that scorches men and animals alike. The clear blue water that may hide lost wonders beneath its glistening surface. With history around every corner, gems from the Greeks and Romans to … Read More Greece: Santorini


L.A. Trip: Santa Barbara and Malibu + Final Thoughts

It’s always nice to escape the city, so towards the end of my trip, I escaped from the busy big city to … busy smaller cities. My day trips to Santa Barbara and Malibu were actually fun reprieves, and the drives showcased the most beautiful parts of California – the mountains on one side and the Pacific on the other. SANTA BARBARA As I … Read More L.A. Trip: Santa Barbara and Malibu + Final Thoughts


L.A. Trip: Dodger Stadium and Griffith Observatory

Baseball is a classic American pastime – there’s something about a beautifully manicured field, fresh dirt, and the atmosphere of the crowd that sets it apart from all other sports. I played softball for six years, and going to baseball games brings me back to the excitement in the dugout and anticipation before a pitch. I’ve seen a few Major League baseball games, but … Read More L.A. Trip: Dodger Stadium and Griffith Observatory


L.A. Trip: Santa Monica and Venice Beach

Los Angeles, California, the City of Angels and the City of Dreamers. This summer is my very first time in L.A., and obviously expectations are high. Hopes of celeb sightings and pretty pictures are abundant, but only one of those dreams was accomplished. I’d like to break down my L.A. trip day-by-day for you, giving you guys my first impressions and favorite things I’ve … Read More L.A. Trip: Santa Monica and Venice Beach

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Must See’s in Washington DC: What to Do If You Only Have 24 Hours

Washington DC, one of the biggest political, economic, and social centers of the world, is a historic city, beautiful and full of character. The capital is bustling, and when I visited in April, I had only 24 hours to explore the abundance of history and culture in the city. I had to prioritize, so here are my top picks of the must see’s of … Read More Must See’s in Washington DC: What to Do If You Only Have 24 Hours